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 Experience the Living Cultures of India with Far Horizon Tours !

 New age-old worlds of India.....thriving cultures lying safely in the folds of time....come, be not just a spectator but a participant in these 'Living Cultures' and you will never be the same again.

A journey taken by two passionate individuals to present intriguing travel opportunities, one-of-a-kind, to discerning travelers from across the world. We are still a nonpareil outfit in this grand scheme of travel opportunities as we stand strong on three pillars of strength - Creativity, Quality and Value .

Quality has been the hallmark with the bar touching 87-92 percent across all areas of operations!!
After 24 years, our journeys are still handcrafted. We owe our growth, recognition and prosperity to:

  • Strong Partners/Representatives that share our philosophy of eclectic experiences.
  • Our guests who are most educated, active and culturally sensitive travelers from across the world.
  • In-house Team of passionate professionals and select band of trip leaders, escorts and guides.

The pride shared by all in creating par excellence experiences, have enriched our clients' lives and we as an organization. We carry our role of responsible tourism across the board!!

Professionalism meets care, dreams meet reality and it all begins....... when you meet Far Horizon!

We invite you to connect with us, ask us what you may and join us on our well researched,  memorable, intricately woven journeys !!