Welcome to Far Horizon Tours!

Far Horizon Tours was created to provide a unique, fresh and personal approach for travel to the Indian subcontinent. Our philosophy is to not only to view the famous monuments of this great land, but to experience what we call “Experiencing the Living Cultures of India”, through its rivers, deserts, mountains, forests, islands, villages and festivals.

India is a land of great monuments, which most tours view and so do we. However, it is the land of over 1.2 Billion people, where every religion prospers in harmony, with 19 languages and over 1600 dialects. The people cultures of the country offers a diversity of experiences, colors, life-styles, which is continental in nature.
We invite you to wander through our website full of unique people experiences, call us with questions, to ask for unfiltered client references, and, of course, to join us on a great adventure and special journeys.

We at Far Horizon have great fun, taking likeminded travelers to legendary, newly opened destinations, finding these journeys not only extremely enjoyable,  but also, immensely educational. We firmly believe that Mark Twain had it right when he said that, “India is the cradle of the human race, the birthplace of human speech, the mother of history, the grandmother of legend and the great grandmother of tradition. Our most valuable and most astrictive materials in the history of man are treasured up in India only.

Over the years we’ve walked many an off-beaten paths:

  • Safaris through Ladakh, Kinnaur and Spiti, the Little Tibet beyond the Himalayas, more Tibetan than Tibet itself.
  • Untouched and little explored regions along the river Brahmaputra while on a luxury cruise, the tribal heartlands of Arunachal and Nagaland in the mystical North East.
  • A safari through the desert country of the Indian Thar in Rajasthan, with colored, rich and varied tribal cultures, staying a-top a dune retreat. A journey that ends with unexplored desert festivals, where it is a discovery of tribal celebratory gatherings.
  • Viewing the grand monuments of the “Golden Triangle” like the Taj Mahal (a great monument to love), the Mughal and Rajput Forts and Palaces. Stepping away into the Indian countryside, to experience the tribal and rural life where seventy percent of India still lives.
  • Exploring and cruising the “Green Venice of the East”, through, “God’s Own Country” of Kerala. Ending the journey seeing grand festivals of gold-caparisoned elephant processions.
  • The discovery of Sikkim, a land under the shadows of the mighty Kanchendzonga and the last of the Shangri-Las, the “Land of the Thunder Dragon”, Bhutan.
  • Taking a safari through the Kipling Country, discovering the land of “The Jungle Book”, finding Moghli and his Baghira, awaiting with abated breath to see the mighty Sher Khan, is the wilderness journey of India.

As our name – Far Horizon – suggests, we proudly admit that our thirst for discovery is through the Indian Sub-continent, seeking it’s every far horizon. We are a group of map browsers and to our mind – the fact that we are growing is a cause of celebration.

Whether you take one trip from our selected programs from the website or create one of your own, you will be placing yourself in the hands of a company dedicated to offering you a quality discovery, where, in our quality parameters, “Good is Not Good Enough”. Over 82% of our travelers rate our tours as being Excellent!

We invite you and will delight, in taking you through that ”Once in a Life Time Journeys” while “Experiencing the Living Cultures of India.